Live and Local

Live and Local Podcasting and Blogging have begun!
Live and Local Podcasting and Blogging have begun!

I’m pleased to announce we’ve begun archiving episodes of Live and Local as downloadable podcasts for those of you unable to tune in when the program airs on Monday through Friday from 9am to 12noon.

Separate files will be made for each of three hours to keep the file size manageable and enable you to select the content you’re most interested in. I also hope to post new blog entries about items related to programs in this space. Please share any feedback you might have in the comments section below. Thanks.

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Live and Local Podcasts


Konspiracy Korner: Down the Rabbit Hole

Apr24 (hour 3) Dan Lefkowitz on planned obsolescence


Brattleboro Area Prevention Coalition

Apr24 (hour 2) Cassandra Holloway on smoke-free zones and Rx abuse prevention programs


Right to Know GMO Passes!

Apr24 (hour 1) Rep. Tristan Toleno on VT’s landmark legislation


Tech Talk

Apr23 (hour 3) David Evans, Digicraft


Autism Awareness Month

Apr23 (hour 2) Prudence Baird discusses NEYT’s Theater Adventure & other community resources